Welcome to Association of Indian Institutes of Technology Alumni, Canada

IIT Alumni of Canada is a not-for-profit networking organization with its members drawn from world-famous Indian Institutes of Technology in India.

IITAC - IIT ALUMNI CANADA is an Alumni Association of alumni from all IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology). The Association is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Most of its members live in and around Toronto but there are also members from other parts of Canada. Please register here if you want to become a member.

The Association organizes gatherings for its members several times a year. These gatherings provide opportunities to the members to socialize and network with each other. The theme of the gatherings range from serious speeches from well known speakers to fun filled family events. Please visit Events section if you want to know about the upcoming events.

One of the important activities of the Association is to help fellow IITians under the banner of IFI (IITians for IITians). The program works by identifying mentors - the IITians who are in a position to provide help - and mentees - the IITians who need help - and matching the two to work together. Please add your interest in being mentee or mentor while registering as member or by updating your profile if you are already registered as a member. Please visit IFI page on this web site for more information.


  • To keep in touch with other alumni and our alma maters and thereby rejuvenate and strengthen the bonds created during our education at IITs.
  • To share and project our professional (engineering and business) skills by organizing technical seminars.
  • To establish a network of the members to help each other in the areas of their interest. 
  • To welcome and help new IIT immigrants to adapt and settle into a new life and also assist in their search for employment.
  • To be true Canadians and to use our talents and resources to help our adopted country.

Directors & Office Bearers

For sponsorship, general comm and any other information

Vijay Aivalli

Tel: 416-220-2892

For planned meetings and other administrative matters

Alok Sinha

For assistance regarding jobs, getting a mentor for IFI program;

Vishwas B Dhekney

For Event Related matters;

Ashraf Ali

For financial matters:

Rao Komaravolu

For sponsorship, general comm and any other information;

Dr. Khaliq Zaman

Director- Outreach Academics :

Dr. Arun Chockalingam

Director- Communications & Outreach Sponsors:

Dr. Srinivasan Venkatesh

Director-Media Liasion;

Vijay Nagare

Past President and Chair, Strategic Initiatives;

Vinod Munshi

Advisory Council


Ashok Ranade


Deepak Gupta


Pradeep Srivastava


Praveen Tyagi


Raju Goteti


Surinder Sharma


Rahul Shukla

Active Volunteers


Mohan Kale


Rajeev Ranjan

For website related queries;

Rahul Agrawal

For Co-opt sports related queries;

Kammy Sra

For volunteer, website, IT related queries;

Namrata Bandekar


Shashank Kenny


Sumit Sukhija

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